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Dr. Jonathan Kidner


Jonathan Kidner

room 6.10
Hoher Weg 8
06120 Halle (Saale)

Research topics

Viral evolution in social organisms

Currently a topic of interest is the study of viral pathogens in the social Hymenoptera. In particular the study of recombination within and between viral strains (the Deformed Wing Viruses A and B, DWV-A, DWV-B), in the proceeding year or two I intend to investigate recombination through both bioinformatic analyses and modelling. With the intention of trying to elucidate the impact of recombination on the prevalence of diversity both within and between hosts. In the social insects this can be expanded to include both individual- and colony-level effects on the evolution of viral strains (as greater opportunities for transmission occur within a colony).

Evolutionary models

Publication list

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  • Kidner J. and Moritz R.F.A. 2015. Host-parasite evolution in male-haploid hosts: an individual based network model. Evolutionary Ecology 29(1):93--105
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