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Scripts for Brinker et al. 2022

  • Microbiome composition is shaped by geography and population structure in the parasitic wasp Asobara japonica, but not in the presence of the endosymbiont Wolbachia. Mol Ecol.   

Raw data and input files can be downloaded from the Dryad respiratory   

Script for ASV filtering and processing using R
Brinker_Microbiome_Part1.html (2.9 MB)  vom 26.10.2023

Script for ASV analysing and plotting using R
Brinker_MicrobialCommunity_Part2_plotting.html (6.5 MB)  vom 26.10.2023

Script for filtering and processing of low coverage whole genome sequencing using ANGSD
Brinker-etal_PopulationStructure_Part1.nb.html (763.9 KB)  vom 26.10.2023

Script for population structure analyses and plotting using R
Brinker-etal_PopulationStructure_Part2.html (3 MB)  vom 26.10.2023

Script for Tragust et al. 2020

Excecutable    code of the paper, including stats, plots