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Bhavanarayeni Ramasubramanian

Bhavanarayeni Ramasubramanian

Bhavanarayeni Ramasubramanian

Research Interests

  • Reproductive Ageing
  • Behavioral Ecology
  • Sperm Competition
  • Plant-pollinator Interactions


since 2024

PhD in Animal Evolution focusing male reproductive ageing in Drosophila species in the Animal Ecology Group, Institute for Biology, Martin‑Luther‑University Halle‑Wittenberg, Germany

2022 - 2023

Master of Research in Biodiversity, Evolution, and Conservation from University College London, United Kingdom

Thesis 1: “DNA Museomics of Indian Cobra using High Throughput Sequencing”, supervised by Prof Selina Brace and Dr David Gower (Natural History Museum, London)

Thesis 2: “Understanding Predatory wasps as pollinating agents”, supervised by Dr Cintia Akemi Oi and Prof Seirian Sumner (University College London)

2015 - 2020

Integrated Master of Science in Life Sciences from Ahmedabad University, India

Thesis: “Morphometric study of Indian butterflies and Molecular evolutionary study of a melanin pathway gene in Lepidoptera”, supervised by Dr Krushnamegh Kunte (National Centre for Biological Sciences, India)